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Guru Asis Crane Service

At Guru Asis Crane Service, we have the noble mission to be the reference in crane rental services, heavy lifting. With state of the art equipment and value engineering, we offer our clients creative and intelligent solutions to today’s heavy lifting.

Smart Technology

  • GPS Tracker in all the cranes
  • Fuel Tracker are installed in all the cranes
  • Safe Load Indicators fitted in all the cranes

Best & Leading Industry

  • Core competence in procuring, maintaining and operating cranes
  • Less than 1% accident track record across all sectors and tonnage

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Creditable Integrity

Effective Team Work

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Quality Assurance

Guru Asis Crane Service is the recognized India wide leader and reference in heavy lifting.

What we do

Guru Asis Crane Service has been the market leader for over 15 years. Our success lies in our entrepreneurial spirit and our continued dedication to our job. However, taking heavy lifting seriously is for us not just a matter of DNA and a family tradition but, most importantly, a vocation. The legacy that our proud craftsmen build by deploying our five unwavering values: brilliant solutions, dedication to safety, zeal for excellence, love for traditions, and global spirit.

We are trusted by more than 10,000 clients

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